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.5 mm Waxed Cord, Great new Product!


Our .5mm waxed cord is a new product we manufactured primarily for those who want to make necklaces, bracelets, and malas with smaller beads. This waxed cord is thin but strong, and will fit seed beads, pearls, small gemstone beads, and wooden beads plus more. This is an especially great size for making malas. 

Our .5 mm cord comes in a wide variety of colors, and people love using this cord. Some of the ways our customers have used this cord is for making bracelets with kids, for bracelets using smaller beads, to fix a turntable, for stringing handmade Indian boots, the uses are endless! 

An added bonus is that at Mandala Crafts, with this .5 mm cord and with all our products, we offer much larger spools than other cord makers, to give you more bang for your buck so you can make lots of different projects using one spool of cord!

Here are some photos of the different colors of .5 mm waxed cord we offer...