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New, Copper Wire


We just received some great new copper wire and its already proving to be one of our bestselling products.  Our copper wire comes in a variety of sizes, from 18 gauge copper wire all the way up to 28 gauge wire. Copper wire has an amazing amount of uses. One of the best things about copper wire is that you know what is under the plating, copper, and so once you know how copper will behave when you heat it, etc., then you can explore its uses and do a lot more with it with a consistency unavailable in an alloy wire. Copper wire also behaves like a much more expensive wire, like silver or gold, and you can curl the ends of copper wire in the same manner. Plus, we sell our copper wire in large spools, at a great price.

26 Gauge Gold Colored Craft Wire

        20 Gauge Copper Craft Wire

18 Gauge Silver Colored Copper Craft Wire